Surrender To The Season

30 Sep

About two weeks ago I had coffee with a friend (minus the coffees) and as brief as the meeting was, it was enough to trigger this post. After expressing feelings of despair and frustration at not being able to do all the things I used to be able to do, my friend Pam left with parting words; ‘Tola, you have to understand you’re in a new season in your life. You have to embrace where you are right now and surrender to the season.’

Of course she was right. I just didn’t know how to go about applying such wise and relevant advice. Only last year I wrote a post about seasons, but it seems I missed the deeper meanings. I thought about waiting until I had mastered the art of surrendering to the season before uploading this post, but then I thought that might take a while or it may never get done. Like most posts, I hadn’t arrived at a resolve before I started, but the process that followed the thought was always where clarity came and the lessons to be learnt presented themselves. So I’m writing from where I am right now, breaking it down into three simple points.

  • Life happens in seasons

That’s the simple reality of the matter. It’s no coincidence that I started writing this post on September 23rd, which according to Google was the first day of Autumn. We have entered a new season! Seasons are used to express ideas such as feelings, the passing of time and age. Seasons can also represent various phases for an individual; we experience winter, spring, summer, and autumn/fall in virtually every area of our lives. So the first step in surrendering to the season is understanding THIS! And just like the seasons of the world change, so do the seasons of life. Some periods last a short time whilst others feel like Game of Thrones; 5 seasons in and ‘Winter is Coming’… like still? But no matter how long it takes, the season will EVENTUALLY change.

Change is inevitable… The good, the bad it all changes

Change is inevitable… The good, the bad it all changes

  • Know your season

When we don’t understand the nature of our season, we find ourselves frustrated, anxious, or discouraged because we’re trying to do things that we’re not supposed to. Maybe not ever, but just not for right now. Like trying to wear a bikini in a blizzard or dressing like an Eskimo in Ecuadorian climates. Knowing what season you’re in makes it easier for you to adapt and adjust accordingly.


The earth awakens from her winter slumber and explodes with new life. It is a time of ploughing and sowing. In our lives, Spring can represent the start of new projects and new ideas therefore being a season of activity and work requiring great energy.


Summer is a time of watering and weeding the freshly planted crop. There will be vegetables to harvest and fruit hanging from trees as we begin to see the first evidence of our planting. Everything about summer screams vitality, freedom and growth. The days are longer and warmer because of the Sun’s presence. Summer can be used to reflect the prime of a person’s life, where everything is in full swing. It’s a time of light, which dissolves all shadows; no hiding, no secrets. Summer is a season of fun, companionship, laughter and dancing.

A transitional season like spring, Autumn is the preparation for the winter season. The hustle and bustle involves taking stock of the bounty and provisions as the crops are reaped and things are slowly winding down. The harvest marks the end of the growing season. Like the changing colours of the fallen leaves, autumn represents change. It is a season of enjoying the gifts of the previous season, of slowing down and reflecting.


Activity ceases in the dead of Winter. Days are shorter as darkness rules over this period and life as we know it is dormant. As much as winter represents the coldness of life; death, a time of hopelessness and despair, it completes the yearly cycle of the seasons. It is a season of uncomfortableness, stillness and silence to calm our mind for direction and clarity and to rest physically. It is a time to find warmth through intimacy and embracing our inner being.

  • Enjoy The Season

Once you’ve done all the necessary work, all you can do is leave it be. Each season brings with it its own weather, its own showers and sunshine, yet there is something to learn in each season. Enjoying your season means putting on your wellington boots and raincoat, grabbing your umbrella and dancing in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass. You can never really know how long it will be that way so you have to make the most of any weather and trust that everything will work out fine. Prepare and discern what the seasons are trying to teach you. Sometimes seasons don’t change until our attitude towards it does and like most lessons in life, they have to be repeated before we finally pass.


Don’t be anxious waiting for the ‘next thing’ but understand there is an appointed time for everything. If you’re not reaping a harvest right now, then maybe the fruits are not ripe for the picking. So continue ploughing, sowing, watering and do not give up. Endure and enjoy today for it is just as special and significant as the despair and delight of yesterday and the hope and fear of tomorrow. Savour the moments being single, because commitment isn’t the place of self-centredness. Enjoy the new found responsibilities as a parent, once they find their feet they’ll relish their new found independence. Appreciate the open doors opportunity brings because success is not final and it isn’t always what we see. Even if you can’t travel the world, there are precious gems to be discovered on your front door. Be thankful for the strength we find in pain and loss, it reminds us we are alive.

Everything takes time! Surrender to the season

Finding Calmness in the Midst of Craziness

Ms Tola xx


2 Responses to “Surrender To The Season”

  1. Edel Meremikwu October 2, 2015 at 8:38 am #

    Absolutely spot on Tola, I’m so proud of you ! This is just what I needed to read this morning.


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