Taking Stock

31 Dec

The last day of 2014 so you know what that means? Stock-taking!

Stock-taking at the end of the year entails thinking carefully about the situations and events that occurred and doing an inventory of how the last 365 days were spent. Through analysis and evaluations you make plans and decisions which set the tone for the New Year. It is a time for reflection where you ponder on all the good and ‘not so good’ things that shaped your experience of the year. Just thinking on the different events that happened, I can say I experienced 2014 in the simple aspects that life offers. I witnessed two individuals, pledge eternal love and commitment to one another at a wedding in Switzerland. One of my best friends gave birth and we welcomed the to the world my Goddaughter. Another close friend lost family members to the sicknesses of the world and I went to the Cremation of a friend’s mother. Friends got engaged and family members got new jobs whilst others moved houses. Marriage, birth, death, and living; all part of life. So how does one distinguish one year from another? You ask specific questions like… “Did I achieve the things I set out to achieve?” “What did I learn?” and “What can I do differently next year?”

“Did I achieve the things I set out to achieve?”

I read all my blog entries from January 2013 and when comparing the years, two words that come to mind are GROWTH and CHANGE.  I didn’t really set myself any particular goals for 2014, so during my time of reflection it was difficult to measure how successful I was in achieving what I set out to do in 2014. Yet, it wasn’t a fruitless year because I did have my themes of LOVE and LAUGHTER and these expressions completely represent my year.  All that I achieved was displayed through acts of love and found in daily moments of enjoyment.

I LOVED!!! I loved my job as a Data Manager. I loved playing Squash (a new found sport I tried this year).  My love for writing was re-kindled. I found love as a greater force than emotions, with God, myself and in my relationships through commitment, forgiveness, acceptance and appreciation.

I LAUGHED!!!  As challenging as things may have been, I truly enjoyed life this year and I realised it was because of all the people I love and who love me; my family, my friends, and especially my husband, who from the first time we met brought joy and optimism into everything we encountered. So as I spent more days loving and laughing, I think it’s fair to say I achieved that which I set out to.


“What did I learn?”

A way of measuring the effectiveness of an experience is through the lessons we learn.  I learnt so much from Love and Laughter and because of these two things, I found meaning in everything. I learnt how to be happy, and was reminded that happiness is found in the simplicity of things.

I learnt the importance of changing my perspective because particular beliefs can be so negative and limiting and result in unjustified feelings of fear and inadequacy.

I learnt how unpredictable life could be. Even with only a vague idea of what I wanted for 2014, I found myself constantly surprised by different events as a reminder that anything and everything can change in a single moment. And believe me, it certainly did.

I learnt that there’s a time for work and a time for play, but in between there’s a time for rest and this year was definitely my time to slow down. Being restricted physically, I couldn’t do as much as I wanted, but was able to mentally walk my path and I believe I am right where I NEED to be.

The biggest lesson for me this year was a quote from the Batman Begins movie, “It’s what you do that defines you!” And I realised these are the values we define for ourselves and how we live in line with those values. It’s what we do daily, that moulds us into the person we are.

“Success isn’t what you achieve compared to others; it’s what you achieve in terms of what YOU are capable of doing.”


“What can I do differently next year?”

Having admitted that I didn’t set many goals this year, I set myself goals for 2015. 2014 was about exploring and finding things I Love and make me Laugh and as a result, I uncovered the person I am. So the personal, professional, creative, spiritual, and financial goals I chose will assist in developing the best version of me.  I made it through this season and as I enter another, different conditions will apply and I know I have to work harder than I did. The groundwork of this year was just as important, and the journey remains the same as when I just didn’t know. But next year, it is more specific and I will be proud about everything I achieve and even more passionate about the road ahead.

So when December 2015 comes and I ask “Did I achieve the things I set out to achieve?” like Beyonce, I too will say…

“I was here, I lived, I loved.

 I was here, I did, I’ve done

Everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be….

…That I gave my all, did my best, brought someone some happiness

Made this world a little better,

Because… I WAS HERE!!!!!”

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2015

I have found calmness in the midst of craziness.

Ms Tola x


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