That Perfect Love Story!

20 Aug

who wants that love

Where did the butterflies go? Did they just wither away like the evergreen leaves that never grew, like the bud of spring that never did bloom? Did the spark burn out like the embers of a long burning fire, or did it sizzle from the cool waters hushing the wild flames? Did the passion fade away like a thief in the night, after lurking over the helpless victim unaware of the damage done?

Where did that love go?

Is there anyone that can tell me a thing about love because I can’t seem to understand? All I knew was the picture of unaltered bliss that the movies painted. The romantic equation that butterflies + sparks + passion = L.O.V.E. That perfect love story, where it was effortless and all a result of serendipity. I had a false expectation of love and was convinced I believed in this thing called love, and felt it whenever I listened to the rhythm of my heart. I trusted my feelings, until one day I didn’t feel the butterflies, the sparks or the passion.

Cliché cliché!

Who wants that perfect love story anyway? What about the love that emerged from the crack in the ground, after being stuck between a rock and a hard place? In spite of being kept within the dark past, Love found light, warmth, water and nutrients and built a solid foundation in which to step up and rise above. That love grows, from a seed planted so long ago. I watch it develop, shedding skin that hinders it from increasing. It continues to sprout into something beautiful, something strong. As it transforms, it transforms me from the inside out. As I nurture it, it nourishes me. It is hard work at times; constantly challenging me to expand my focus to the needs and wants of another. But slowly, I’m noticing how it makes me better and every day I am learning from something as natural as Love.

Now that's True Love!

Now that’s True Love!

To really love is to say “You” and not “me”. It is to forgive. It is to endure and to bear with one another. It goes beyond how we feel today and focuses on the commitment we made yesterday which determines the impact on tomorrow. It is less about speaking and more about seeing with loving and patient eyes. Love can be learnt and is then put into practice. But you must choose it rather than believe it is something you stumble upon. Because if you just fall in love, you will most definitely one day wake up, and fall out of that same love.
But love never falls and it never fails.

Who wants that perfect love story anyway? Cliché cliché!

It’s unsettling at first when you go against everything you’ve heard and believed in regards to what Love is supposed to look like. Love, is LOVE and is expressed in so many different ways. Despite what the fairytales portray, it doesn’t always make you smile, but that doesn’t mean you’re not happy. It doesn’t always sweep you off your feet, but it keeps you grounded. It protects, provides, gives you peace, and is so precious. However, not everybody is going to get it. Love is beyond our definitions and our expectations.
Let it just be in its purest form, in its simplest form, in its truest form.

“If you learn to love unconditionally, then you have truly succeeded in life.”

“If you learn to love unconditionally, then you have truly succeeded in life.”

I have found calmness in the midst of craziness!
Ms Tola xx


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