Who Knows…

20 Feb

I been drinking, I been drinking!

What better way to start this year than under some kind of influence. I’m still swerving off the high of last year that I decided to take a double dose. I been sippin’! A lot of stuff has changed; in a different book, on a different page and Who Knows where it goes from here! All I know is that I’m keeping with the theme of having two themes which define the Focusand Commitment for the year. (Of course, I had to throw in last years’ theme in there!!)


Sometimes in life, while trying to figure things out we get caught up. We focus too much on arriving at our destination that we can’t enjoy the journey. We don’t appreciate the lessons we learn along the way or the people we meet, if only for a moment. We lose sight of what is important and allow others to prescribe what our values should be. We use people and love things, when we should love people and use things. We take ourselves way too seriously and protect ourselves too detrimentally. In falling in love with the chase, it consumes us. It becomes our pillow talk night and day. We spend a great chunk of lives thinking about it, that we don’t have time for anything else. We sacrifice eternal gladness for things that in the long run won’t even make us happy.

Who Knows when we will get there!

I LOVE people who can make me LAUGH!!!

I LOVE people who can make me LAUGH!!!

So this year, I’m exploring and finding things that I Love and that make me Laugh. I’ll be the Clown that’s Drunk In Love, cus frankly I’ve done Enough Cryin’. Focus on the moment, and try not to over-think/over-analyse/scrutinise/complicate/assume/misinterpret/pessimify every experience that happens. OK, so I just made a new word;

Pessimify (verb)
The act of turning an event into a negative experience.

Yea, we don’t want that. What will I write about this year? Who Knows!?! I’m just going to be free with the posts and write whatever channel the thoughts flow; maybe short and sweet or vast and vulnerable. So to honour the former, I’ll round up nicely in a minute. But before I go, I’ll leave you with 3 things/thoughts I consider worth sharing;

1) Buy a Jigsaw puzzle. There’s something very satisfying about watching all the pieces fit together. In life, as with the puzzle, we start off with all the pieces we need and all the pieces have a place in the puzzle and one by one they are assembled together at different points. And though it might take you a while, you eventually complete the picture. So try completing the puzzle without looking at the picture on the box; that way the final picture is a surprise.

2) Listen to your favourite song on repeat. (Until it gets on your last nerve, and if it never does, then it was just meant to be) Music has this profound ability to translate our deepest emotions into a mixture of words and composition. We like a song because it makes us feel a familiar way. Sometimes it relates to an experience or an understanding. So listening to that song you connect with over and over again, will keep you in that moment. Even if you don’t learn the lyrics, the beat can carry you to that place.

3) Moments of stillness and silence can be some of the best moments you have; where just doing nothing is the best thing to do. And doing nothing doesn’t always mean being unproductive. Your brain works 24/7, 7 days a week, 365/366 days a year. Even when you’re sleeping it doesn’t stop. Being still and silent gives it a break. However, if you have a hard time being still (including thinking which is the most demanding tasks of them all) then resort to doing point one and/or two, therefore reducing the brain’s activity intensity.

Ms Tola xx

Until next time…
Keep Loving, Keeping Laughing!



2 Responses to “Who Knows…”

  1. Nisot February 20, 2014 at 9:31 pm #



  2. Fatai Lawal. February 21, 2014 at 11:22 am #

    inspiration with wisdom. thanks for sharing with me.


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