Don’t Worry About Tomorrow!

31 Dec

Wow, it’s the last day of the year and surprisingly, I’m lost for words. I’m trying with everything in me not to let this be a long post but there’s just so much to say. From January to December, it sure has been an exciting journey. In short, the highlight of the year was my time in Thailand.

It all started when I realised I had a choice to make;

Red is my favourite colour...

Red, however, is my favourite colour…

As I was freeing up my thoughts by writing, a lot of things didn’t make sense. But reading back, everything I wrote ‘yesterday’ brought me to today. Whilst I was just doing what I do, things were slowly falling into place. Turning 25 was definitely a wake-up call. I was lost and needed be found. I had to be alone to enjoy the company of others. I had to stop and listen to be able to hear. I had to go far to find what was near. I had to run away from my problems one last time only to realise that loving my shadow was the solution. In going back to move forward, I rediscovered my passions, redefined my values and rekindled a love once lost.

COMMITMENT and FOCUS; my themes for the year!

Was I committed?
I was committed to this blog! I’ve written at least ONE post a month (minus the hiatus in March). People blog for all sorts of reasons but I wanted a place to channel my thoughts and hoped someone would take inspiration from my journey for their own. If only one person read my blog, I was pleased. It touches me that people from 61 countries have visited my blog with posts having over 2,000 views. I was committed to this cause, and so I wrote…

In 2010 I decided not to relax my hair anymore. “No relaxer” is a special kind of journey and this year I was committed to STAYING NATURAL. There was no wavering or second thoughts. My hair is high maintenance and takes a lot time and effort so I felt this was a commitment worth mentioning…

The Movement!! LOL

The Movement!! LOL

Yes I do!!!

Yes I do!!!

I committed to staying in Thailand for 6 months. After a while, I wasn’t so sure about being there. I went through real tough times being lost and alone. I was ready to leave but found the strength to stay and see my commitment through. My last day in Thailand, I realised 6 months was just the right amount of time. If I had left earlier, I wouldn’t have experienced the fullness of the trip and received such clarity. I wouldn’t have seen the complete map for the next journey… And when I came back to London, most things were the same, but everything was different because I had changed.

The trip that changed my life!

The trip that changed my life!

To seal my theme of commitment in 2013, I was offered a contract role as a Data Manager; a promotion from the position I was temping in. This wasn’t a job I even knew about, however I’m enjoying it and seeing it tap into different skills and provide different opportunities. I appreciate the function of commitment and as a result, I’m overcoming my fears. Even the small acts matter because commitment is a tool that solidifies your purpose.

Was I focused?
As I said in I Just Don’t Know, the journey is to find something meaningful that I can devote my time, energy, skills and talents to. This year, with the assistance of commitment, I was a lot more focused in cultivating a new lifestyle and was able to define the objective of my life; “Love God, Be Happy & Help Others!” I focused on different ways to fulfil these three things. As broad as it may be right now, it will expand overtime with new experiences. But already I’m a step further.

I focused on being positive and as a result, I received a mass of positive energy back in my life. I let go of so much negativity and things that weren’t adding value; from the words I spoke, to my deeds to the people I surrounded myself with. I have more reasons to smile, more reasons to be thankful.

I focused on the journey more than the destination and surprise surprise, I’m content with the progress I’m making. I let go of being in control and though I don’t know where I’ll eventually end up, I truly believe I’ll get where I’m supposed to be. I trust the Driver! 😉

I focused on perfecting the art of detachment making it easier to welcome new experiences and people, regardless of time restraints and seasonal purposes. Whatever they’ve come to teach me, I am ready to learn.

This year has been painted with patterns of COMMITMENT and FOCUS; the two words that shaped my 2013. I guess this is where that feeling of accomplishment comes from; achieving what you set out to achieve. And knowing where you stand in all this! Figuring out your purpose and having a growing plan to help maximise your potential. I needed this… I couldn’t have imagined I’d be here yet it was everything I hoped for. Looking back, I can see every step that brought me here. Hindsight is a wonderful thing for it is the key in unlocking foresight.

So what’s next you ask??

"Always believe something wonderful is about to happen."

“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.”

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year… Here’s to 2014!!!

I have found calmness in the midst of craziness!
Ms Tola xx


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