Why Don’t We Wait…Here?

25 Nov


After finding myself, I have to lose myself so I can love you better.
But if I lose myself now, how will I find me later?
Forever is such a slow time, why don’t we settle for a long while?
Whether it takes 4383 days or moments that the Breeze comes and passes
Let’s just find a perfect day for us to use.

We could hold hands,
Look up at the stars.
Feed each other chocolate
At des Champs-Élysées!

You don’t belong in my world,
Yet my subconscious sub-let my thoughts
And now you occupy every room in my mind.
Living the fairy-tale with me;
An enchanting love that anticipates their True Love’s kiss,
Given so freely and received so cheerfully, amounting to a life of endless bliss.
Is any of this real?

Why don’t we wait…here? I just wanna stay here.

I do, I do, I do believe in Fairies!! <3<3<3

I do, I do, I do believe in Fairies!! <3<3<3

This princess has been dreaming too long,
Waiting for her prince to slay the dragons and rescue her from the dungeons.
If you place your lips on mine, how are you so sure I’d awaken?
Maybe I’d be lost forever?
Growing tired of waiting, I decided to save myself.

I poured myself a drink and fought my way to freedom.
Once upon a time, I believed two worlds couldn’t exist in the same space.
Yet this encounter transcends beyond what is here and the figment of my imagination.
And we are stuck in the middle, watching as satellites pass in the dark.
But now that you’re here with me,

Why don’t we wait… here? I just wanna stay here.

Ms Tola xx



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