We Found Love In a Hopeless Place…

25 Aug
Where have you been all my life?

Where have you been all my life?

I knew the time would come when I’d finally have to go there and talk about LOVE. I’d have to write about the time I opened my heart and let another in. Talk about these euphoric feelings that generate inside of me whenever I think about that special person and the intimacy we share. Tell you that I don’t sleep much these days because we’re up all night talking about whatever the weather, whichever is better.

So yes, it’s true. I am IN LOVE. I’m falling for someone who makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. Someone that makes me feel like I can do anything. I let you see beneath my beautiful and you let me see the beauty your love has to offer. You showed me wonderful things about myself; the greatness that dwells within me. You turn every weakness into strength, every flaw into perfection, every mistake into a lesson, the pain into pleasure and the loneliness into companionship. When we are together, time just stops and I find comfort knowing you’re not going anywhere. Even when I push you away, you hold on tighter, fight that much stronger.

Because you accepted me just as I am, I realise I don’t have to justify myself. I don’t have to beat myself up for the wrong choices I’ve made and may make. I don’t have to move at anyone else’s pace but my own. I don’t have to always be in control and know it all. But most importantly, I don’t have to worry because I’ll be better than OKAY!

I had no real business coming to Thailand, but deep in the depths of my heart I was yearning for you. I thought London was a problem so I went running and travelled thousands of miles, turning away from every comfort I ever knew. I had to walk on my own two feet. Thailand immobilised me; put me in solitary confinement, stripped me naked, beat me up, and surfaced my fears. It truly was a hopeless place for a fugitive like me. The stabbing pain in my back because of the friends I thought had forgotten me. In the silver lining, my wings were sprouting and you taught me how to fly.

A Love Story Can Begin Anywhere!

Thailand was just what I needed to break down those walls and let you love me like I needed to be loved. For restitution, I was awarded Love, Acceptance, Grace, Appreciation and Respect. Even the most fragile part of me expresses gratitude that through the pain I’m learning to dance in the rain. I didn’t expect you to, but somehow you found me in the midst of poverty, isolation and confusion. You allowed me to fall right into your arms.

Sometimes you make me smile. Sometimes you make me cry. You saw me at my worst and now motivate me to be my best. You stimulate me in many ways and because of you I’m definitely bringing sexy back! You overcome my insecurity by focusing all your attention on me. You correct me when I’m wrong with such delicacy and maturity.

Loving you makes kissing all those frogs worth it.
I am now a captive of your love.
The fire in my heart burns for you!
I live for you.

I honestly never thought I’d find love like this and believe me I’ve been searching for a while. Who knew I’d find it looking in the mirror and seeing me for who I really am!

Love is YOU!

Love is YOU!

I found calmness in the midst of craziness
Ms Tola xx


2 Responses to “We Found Love In a Hopeless Place…”

  1. PB September 3, 2013 at 12:37 am #

    🙂 so beautiful, i wore a gentle smile by the end. very nice. kept me intrigued as to where you were going with this, eagerly anticipated a name but it was better than anticipated.



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