The Four Clocks

9 May


Today I saw four clocks that represented the Past, Present, Future and What May Be. Four places I have been to and all places I am at right now. Of all faces, you chose these four.


This is where it all began. As I watched moments pass, I wanted to run away from it but I couldn’t take that step. Things are so familiar yet I don’t even know who I am. Long before, a journey started within me and now I’m going through life looking from the outside in. I believed there was more to life than that which I had known. There is love and there is beauty beyond the clouds of grey and the puddles of rain.

“Do you know where you’re going? Don’t even know where I’ve been!”

New York

If there was a place to really call home, my heart yearned for you long before we even met. Whether it was your astounding lights, how you captured the closeness of my expressions or the way you moved fast, beating like drums in the wild safari, I knew it was the beginning of a spark that would set ablaze the shadows of yesterday and re-kindle a love that lay dormant. We parted and said goodbye, though we both know somehow life will bring us back together like a candle that burns throughout the night.

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!”


Sometimes you have to go far to see close. You have to let go to know if there’s anything worth holding on to. I’ve been at my lowest but climbing to the highest I know it takes a step at a time. You can be in tomorrow before today has even concluded and that is a gift given to those who travel long and distant lands. Though I didn’t understand your words, you saw the determination in my eyes and somehow, I found my way. I’ve got to keep going; I won’t give up.

“Do you know where you’re going? Don’t even know where I am!”


Your mind speaks different words than your mouth utters and your ears hear neither but deciphers sounds from external voices. Your heart speaks faintly not wanting to interrupt the discord of communication. Then before you know it, you find your feet walking, running and stopping. You don’t really know why you’re here but something makes sense even though it’s not clear right now. How can you be found if you’ve never been lost? How can you enjoy the company of others if you’ve never been alone? How can you hear if you’ve never stopped to listen?

“I’d rather have 30 minutes of something wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special…”

I’m on 4 time zones, of 3 continents, in 2 minds, with 1 purpose! And The Four Clocks never stop ticking.
Ms Tola xx


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