Back to the Drawing Board!

4 Feb

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
-Napoleon Hill

 Well, it’s a new week and boy does it feel good. I’m sure most of you are aware that the title of this post is an idiom. (If you don’t know what an idiom is then you are an… Google it, it’s there, trust me. 😉 )

I’m hoping to making this post as short and sweet as possible, but you know how I digress sometimes. Anyways, “Back to the Drawing Board” is basically starting again on a new design or plan after the failure of an earlier attempt. It is acknowledging that something didn’t work or isn’t working as planned, so a different option or plan is needed. The historical representation was an architect’s table which he used for preparation of designs or blueprints.

Being the English Major I am, (so I keep telling myself) I took this saying literally and went out looking for a whiteboard (in order to go ‘back to the drawing board’, one would actually need a board to go back to, right?).  And I am pretty pleased with my results; I decided on a Saturday that it was imperative to my world domination that I had one and the following Tuesday it was there in my ‘old’ room.

So just to share some fun facts; I have a tendency to be indecisive AT TIMES and this stems from my perfectionist nature; everything has to be so specific and relevant and overanalysed and rationalised, no room for error, none whatsoever, resulting in nothing actually being done or produced. So there I was in Ryman’s late Tuesday afternoon deliberating between a double A4 size board and really big board. One was too big and the other was too small! What was I to do? Leaving without a board was not an option, so I bought both boards and a pair of gorgeous heels in Dorothy Perkins which happened to be on SALE and the last pair was MY size. (If this wasn’t a clear sign that I was on the right path and being rewarded for my efforts, then I just don’t know.*sigh*)

Ok back to the board story. Long story short, I kept the big board as it was only £1 more and almost three times bigger than the small one. In order to accommodate my new drawing board, I had to rearrange my whole room. It took two days of sweat, heavy lifting and clearing junk but I’m honestly very pleased with my new room. I feel like an empty glass, ready to be filled with something new and fresh! I’m a new woman on a serious mission.

So why is this significant? Because though I’m no Einstein (when I think about drawing boards, I think about all these crazy equations and formulas, haha), I like everything it represents. I have another place where I can write my visions and make it clear. Before, I was at a place where whatever I did either failed or wasn’t producing desirable results and because I didn’t have a ‘board to go back to’; I was coming up with similar ideas, reworking the same plan and doing the same thing whilst expecting different results.

My board is a means to jot down my creative ideas, goals and plans so that it stimulates my visual sensors provoking me into ACTION. (Yes I know we have pen and paper in this day and age, but you know how I feel about loose sheets of paper. Eurgh!) My board is big enough that I see it every time I look at the door; so things on that board will be my leaving thoughts and stick in my subconscious.

My whiteboard is a PROCESS; allowing me to make plans, make mistakes and then make necessary adjustments. It gives me flexibility and I hope it will help me overcome my ‘perfectionist nature’.  Now bear in mind, it isn’t a board where I just stick pretty pictures of things I desire or aspire towards in hope they will somehow magically manifest into reality. No! The vision is just the first step. My board is PREPARATION for ACTION. The power of a vision board only works when the content of the board is put into practice. Vision Boards are for dreaming! Action Boards are for achieving. It’s more than wishing and dreaming! It requires hard work and considering the why, how, when and where you will achieve what you have planned!!

Sometimes you know these things in theory, but its application in real life doesn’t correlate with such knowledge. You have to put whatever measure necessary to marry vision with reality and I believe my decision to buy a whiteboard is the first step in that process. As Mark Twain once stated, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. So here goes something.

“Always learn from your mistakes and never lose sight of your ultimate goal. With any loss there comes a more heightened awareness to fault or weakness. If something does not go according to plan, do not let it discourage you.

Go back to the drawing board and pick up where you left off.”

Phew, getting all that off my chest, I look at my board and wonder if it’s big enough. Hahahaaa

I have found calmness in the midst of craziness!
Ms Tola xx


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